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LED Refrigeration Lighting

Switching to LED lighting

LED modules represent the latest in solid state lighting for refrigerated displays. It was designed to replace traditional fluorescent lamps inside vertical glass-door refrigerated cases. LEDs are the clear choice when it comes to sustainability, corporate responsibility and reduced environmental impact. Compared to fluorescent lamps they contain no mercury or lead, which significantly reduces emission such as CO2.


LED T8 modules are a brighter, more energy-efficient ways to light up your sales of refrigerated and frozen food.  They offer improved product visibility and presentation with a lower cost of ownership. Designed for new installations as well as replacements for less efficient fluorescent lamp in existing glass door cabinets.


LEDs are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and low maintenance solution that looks good from any angle. Merchandisers and store owners will notice a significant improvement in the display of their products with implementation of LED modules lightings.


Switch to LED freezer lighting and you won’t just see benefits in your freezer cabinets, you’ll also benefit from a reduced cost of ownership.


Save up to 70% energy
LED lighting significantly reduces heat extraction, ballast loss and lamp power compared with traditional lighting solutions.


  • Save up to 70% energy
  • Less lamp replacement costs
  • Reduced heat generation


Heat extraction: energy needed for cooling due to the heat generated by lamps


Less lamp replacement costs
LED module has the same lifespan as more than ten TLD fluorescent lamps and can reduce maintenance too. Fluorescent lamps often have to be replaced within a year of installation because cold, harsh freezer conditions reduce their life span. This frequent re-lamping, results in substantial maintenance costs. Isn’t it time you replaced them for good?


Reduced heat generation
Freezers use more energy because fluorescent lamps convert energy into heat. This results in extra energy being required to extract the additional heat and keep the cabinet cool. Switch to LED modules and the amount of heat extraction required for freezer cooling is reduced, so you waste less energy too.



Better product visibility and presentation
LED lighting significantly reduces heat extraction, ballast loss and lamp power compared with traditional lighting solutions.




With LED freezer lighting gives a better visual impression of the products on display and light up frozen food sales. It creates a uniform, bright and consistent light. What’s more, the unique optical system prevents the LED light source from being directly visible, reducing any annoying glare.


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