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LED Tube Lighting

Frosted Cover
T8 Fixed Frosted

Transparent Cover
T8 Fixed Transparent

EP-Lite T8 LED tube has the efficiency of energy-saving compares to conventional fluorescent lamps. It emits light through a release of photons from an electrical circuit. The heat generated is far less, thus resulting in far less air-conditioning to cool the environment. With the long lifetime of LEDs, it reduces the time, effort and cost of sourcing for a replacement. Thanks to the advanced technology used in every EP-Lite LED lighting products, it consumes lesser energy to produce an equivalent brightness as compared to equivalent lighting.

Product Features

  • High lumens up to 2880 Lm
  • Even if some LED breaks, the others can still work as usual
  • High effieciency power supply, low power consumption
  • Reliable constant current source
  • Quick response, no stroboscopic
  • No UV or IR
  • Input: 90-264V
  • No need ballast, tansformer and starter
  • With aluminium cover, good design for heat sink. Low attenuation
  • Product Specifications

    Part No. Length Power LED Q'ty Input(AC) Lumens Catalog
    EPL-T8-2XX-BX 2FT 10W 60 pcs 90-264V 1060 ~ 1110 Lm T8 Tube 2FT
    EPL-T8-3XX-BX 3FT 15W 96 pcs 90-264V 1404 ~ 1700 Lm T8 Tube 3FT
    EPL-T8-4XX-BX 4FT 20W 120 pcs 90-264V 2190 ~ 2300 Lm T8 Tube 4FT
    EPL-T8-5XX-BX 5FT 25W 156 pcs 90-264V 2740 ~ 2880 Lm T8 Tube 5FT


    Color Light CCT
    Warm White(WW) 2800k - 3300k
    Cool White(CW) 3900k - 4500k
    Daylight(DL) 5600k - 6500k


    This product is applicable to offices, factories, banks, shopping centers, railway stations, schools and other places where high brightness and energy conservation are required.

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